Living Well your Homosexuality as a Woman Coaching

A coaching for lesbians who want to live happy

Helps you heal definitively from deep wounds that cut yourself off from your body and your sexuality

Get power strategies inside man-led social organizations to be able to live your sexuality as you want

exactly as men do inside wedding, family, religion, communities, work place, etc…

Helps you knowing yourself as others at every level for safe relations, time saving and living a more fullfulling life

Is it possible to live your woman's truth today ?

Living your homosexuality as a woman takes a lot of courage when confronting family, your community and entire society rejection, in spite of a so called « tolerance » and fake openess

Welcome to patriarchy : restrictions for women and sex freedom for men

A lot of women who revealed themselves attracted by women are severely exposed to nervous breakdown and suicidal behaviours. In order to respect your own values and to remain inside your community, emergency for these women is to meet concretely their deep intimate desire and to change the power relations within their couple and social group to which they belong.

When you think about how much the traditionalist religions and society are hypocritical to the highest point: the vast majority of married men frequent prostitutes to afflict them the worst humiliating sexual abuses, do not hesitate to rape children and minors by extremely organized networks via facebook and whatsapp groups, are even homosexual for the most part and always find the time to hang out with lovers, gay married friends or to go to specific places for quick sex with strangers.

The difference between men and women ? All men meet their sexual needs without any problem, even the most deviant and forbidden by laws. All patriarchal systems are perfectly organized to allow them (married or not)  to have sex anytime and anywhere.
Women remain walled in the same institutions rules, applied on them only : ​​looking after the maximum comfort of men and submitting to all their other needs, including looking after the house and children.

So why not living happy as lesbians ?

So why not the women? Why this institutional guilt, these roles assigned to domestic tasks without external social life, this homophobic violence that stigmatizes the slightest sign of desire that does not meet the sexual needs of the men of the clan?
While we do not have serious deviations, that we do not seek to feed prostitution networks exploiting innocent vulnerables, that our desires for intimate interaction only take place between consentant adults, then why isn’t it possible for us women, to meet our deep sexual and emotional needs within these enclosing matrix which give the privileges of sexual pleasures with other partners, to men only?

And this in the most total hypocrisy since all these institutions (marriage, religion, communities) prohibit women what these same institutions make immediately accessible to men in forms that are sometimes deviant and prohibited by law such as incest, abuse sex on minors, prostitution and male homosexuality.

The only solution is to change our own rules as women breaking the heterosexual norm and to take back our power,

without abandoning our personal values ​​or renouncing a community with fair treatment of ALL women.

8 steps to live well your homosexuality as a woman

As a Life coach, I propose to support women so that they can live happily as a homosexual woman.

Recognize that we have desire for women

Decondition oneself from the sexual injunctions of the patriarchy

Know all the trauma suffered in our early childhood

Know other serious injuries afflicted by our parents and "loved ones"

Integrate your body again through specific bodywork and regular physical activities

Be part of a group of lesbian women from the same clan

Exercise as a Woman of Power

Know and control your sexual shadows for healthy relationships

Coaching session in Paris and by Skype

Coaching journey of  7 sessions, freely dispatched in order your needs
PRICES on DEMAND by email.

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